Lane Splitting in Singapore

The plus side of riding a motorcycle in Singapore, despite the obvious dangers of this mode of transport, is the ability to lane split, which is to ride between cars in a traffic jam to get ahead.

Lane splitting is not illegal in Singapore, but it comes with its own set of dangers and should only be practised by the experienced motorcyclist.

Having said that, here's some pointers on how to stay alive lane splitting:

1. Do not lane split if you are uncertain, have doubts or afraid. Stick to your lane and build confidence with experience.

2. Master the use of all 3 brakes of your motorcycle and be prepared to use them suddenly.

3. If possible, do not lane split in the rain. Drivers can't see you, they may change lane suddenly and you will skid when braking hard.

4. Use the space between lanes 1 and 2 of the highway or a multi lane road. The gap between cars are usually wider there.

5. Keep an eye on vehicles at least 2 car lengths in front of you.

6. Be mindful of uneven parts of the road between Lanes 1 and 2 due to road resurfacing. This may cause loss of steering control. Before trying lane splitting, practice riding in between lanes on an empty road, learn how your bike reacts to the uneven surface and how to control it.

7. Keep an eye on vehicles on lane 3 as they will affect the movement of cars you are passing in lane 2.

8. While lane splitting, slow down when there's space on either side of the vehicle in front. The driver might suddenly change lane.

9. Slow down when the vehicle in front moves slightly in its lane.

10. Keep an eye on drivers' head movements and activities in cars you are passing for signs of sudden movement.

11. Ignore other motorcycles behind you and focus on the road in front. If they are dangerously trying to overtake you or honking, get into lane 2 and let the bikes overtake.

12. When the cars in lane 1 and 2 are too close, wait for a gap between the cars, and those in front of them, to overtake.

13. While overtaking a car in lane 1 by the gap in front of the car in lane 2, look out for cars in lane 3 that might just suddenly cut into that gap.

14. Try not to lane split a bus or truck. You will not be able to see vehicles in lane 3 or the driver's activity affecting it's movement. If you have to, speed up and pass the bus or truck quickly when it's safe to do so.

15. When passing a bus or truck, brace for terbulance affecting control of your bike.

16. When lane splitting at night, flash the high beam if a car you are about to pass seems likely to change lanes.

Remember, lane split only when you are confident with experience. Otherwise, stay in your lane and contribute to the traffic congestion.

Have fun and ride safe always!

Note: The above is based on my personal riding experience and those of other bikers. Please feel free to send me more tips or experiences so that myself and others will learn from them.